Emmy Award-Winning Realtor Leads the Way to Your Dream Home in Sacramento, California

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In my former life as a News Anchor and Investigative Reporter, I had the privilege of being awarded an Emmy for my work on a story that profoundly impacted my career. During this investigative journey, I encountered a family ensnared in a heart-wrenching scam—a tale that stirred my soul and fueled my commitment to justice.

This family trusted someone they didn’t know, who promised to help them earn more equity with their house. Instead, they ended up being kicked out of their own home, becoming unwitting renters. Learning about this unfair situation really got to me.

Driven by determination, I delved into the investigation, casting light on their plight and exposing the malevolent actions that had befallen them. The culmination of these efforts not only resulted in the family reclaiming their home, but also brought justice to others victimized by the same deceitful “home scammer.

This transformative experience served as my inspiration and propelled my transition into the realm of real estate. I discovered the profound impact I could have on individuals’ lives by not only assisting them in finding a home, but also by being an ethical and trustworthy professional during one of their most significant financial decisions.

Now, as a dedicated real estate professional in the Sacramento Region, my mission extends beyond selling homes. I aspire to turn dreams into reality while delivering world-class service to all our clients. Join us on this journey, where we’re not merely selling homes but facilitating the commencement of brand-new chapters in people’s lives.


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